Nikawiy "My Mother" Tea now available

Nikawiy "My Mother" in Cree
In honor of my late Mother Darlene (Dolly) Kubbernus (Norris)
It was with great sadness and a heavy heart that I had to announce the sudden passing of my Mom on December 31, 2022 after a short stay in the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta 
My Mom was always a huge help to me at any market I attended last year. I didn't start attending Markets and trade shows until last summer, when I decided to attend my first one in Batoche, Saskatchewan. Back to Batoche Days was a great memory for me as a child attending with my Grandparents. I looked forward to attending last year and asked my Mom as soon as I signed up for the festival. She gladly accepted my invite to come with me. From there we attended several markets, festivals and trade shows together. Including The West Coast Women's Show, where she met "Jack Abbott" from the young and the Restless. This honestly was the highlight of her year. She became my right hand at times helping me label bags, reminding me of things I needed to take to each market and then asking again to be sure I had everything. I can't begin to express what that now means to me to have her with me and be a part of my business, even if it was just temporarily. I will always be grateful for the time we spent together in the last five months of her life. 
As a way to honor and Celebrate my Mom. I came up with a Tea that was reminiscent to a Tea we shared at a Mother's Day Tea that her and I attended when I was around 8 or 9 years old. It was a Strawberry Black Tea. I always remembered that Tea and how tasty it was alongside our cookies and Squares we shared. It was definitely a time in my childhood that I tucked away as a very fond memory and special day spent with my Mom.
 48 Grams
-Black Tea
-Jasmine Tea
-Strawberry Bits 

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