Kokum's - Tea Blend
Kokum's - Tea Blend
Kokum's - Tea Blend

Kokum's - Tea Blend

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Kokum's Blend is a black tea is the perfect cup of tea on it's own. It also pairs well with both Baked or Fried Bannock.

It was designed to honour my Kokum Reta and brings back very fond memories of my Kokum as we would sit together at her tiny kitchen table enjoying our tea and Bannock.

I hope you can create your own fond memories over a cup of Kokum's Blend Tea.


Kokum's Black Tea blend is made with all Organic Ingredients, and comes in a 48 gram size.


A few of the many benefits of Black Tea:

-Lowers Cholesterol

-Improves Bone Health

-Lowers risk of Diabetes

-Prevents formation of Kidney Stones

-Improves Oral Health

-Aids in reducing blood pressure

-Increases focus

-Aids in improving gut health


Black Tea is also a source of antioxidants, which helps combat free radicals in the body.