Metis Festival

Metis Festival

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As a child I attended many Metis Festivals with my Grandparents Miles and Reta Norris, where they performed or competed with their Metis Dance Group "The Red River Wheelers" I was apart of their Dance groups in my teens and enjoyed every moment of it creating fond memories. 

The Red River Bannock Company Inc is my way of keeping that name alive for my Grandparents. Before my Grandma's passing she asked a friend to keep her Dance group going, but they were unable to as they had plans to move out of the country. Here we are years later, it's not a Metis Dance group, but it is a Metis owned and operated company founded on the values and principles that are deeply rooted in me by spending quality time with my Grandparents growing up. My Grandma's love for her Metis culture and her love of making Bannock and sharing it with others is her legacy that I am carrying on. 






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